I shouldn’t have to say this, but here I go:

Respecting my identity as a transgender woman means respecting my humanity and empathizing with the pain I must endure. Gender Dysphoria can be excruciating, and activities as basic as glancing at a mirror to catch a glimpse of my reflection, hearing a recording of my voice, and being misgendered could potentially trigger a majorly depressive episode that lasts hours on end.

Admittedly, my pain resulting from dysphoria has diminished significantly as of late now that I’ve been on estrogen for over a year, and I’m at last experiencing some relief from my lifelong torment due to my body being more feminine now.

My dysphoria reappears only when some chucklefuck purposefully misgenders me and/or denies my trans identity because of a misguided aversions to “identity politics” and “political correctness” or whatever the fuck that means. These poor unfortunate souls believe my gender has to correspond with my sex assigned at birth, and to them, I can’t be a “real” woman because I have a schling-aling-ding-dong.

Therefore, I register as male when analyzed by a troglodyte’s internal gender identitron.

However, judging one’s gender by physiology is misleading: trans people (i.e. people like me) have unique brains that correspond closer to our identified sex rather than our physical sex. For example: my brain is similar to that of the average female and should be used as the primary factor when determining my gender identity because the mind is more important than the body. In other words, I’m a woman, and all of my “masculine” features (i.e. broad shoulders, small breasts, narrow hips, deep voice, beard, and penis) can be “feminine” features as well (Yes! Even my dick!).

While I don’t expect many of you to understand all that I’ve experienced in my short (yet eventful) life, I do expect to be treated with courtesy, empathy, and respect which means validating my gender identity and regarding me as a human being.

Seriously, it shouldn’t be this fucking hard.

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