PIG DESTROYER are back and ready to f*** shit up once again and have released MOAR glorious extreme metal for our decaying ear holes in the form of “Mt. Skull”.

“Mt. Skull” is the third cut of fresh meat from PIG DESTROYER‘s upcoming bedroom destroying album Head Cage which prior to “Mt. Skull” sounded as if it were a departure from their more meat and more meat potatoes style of grindcore that embodied their earlier work.

While I think the change overall has been a welcome one because his is not a criticism the two previously released tracks from Head Cage (“Army Of Cops” and “The Torture Fields” respectively) have been at the level of awesome that can only otherwise be obtained by a 360 degree turning decapitated head exploding upward.

Truly next level stuff (and with impressive hang time too!).

However with this here ridiculously awesome sounding “Mt. Skull” track, PIG DESTROYER is throwing literal red meat to the old school fans who believe in traditional pig destroying values.

Personally, I think it sounds fantastic, but this website is a democracy until it isn’t, so listeners young, old, and dead can judge the quality of “Mt Skull” for themselves below.

Head Cage by PIG DESTROYER is out on September 7th, 2018 via Relapse Records.

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