kevin feige image

When it comes to blockbuster producers and studio heads, Kevin Feige is The Man.

Not, the man or THE MAN, but The Man.

Without him, we most likely wouldn’t have the successful Marvel Cinematic Universe that altered blockbuster film making forever because make no mistake: IRON MAN, THE AVENGERS, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, IRON MAN 2, and BLACK PANTHER alone would have been significant but taken together as a package of quality filmmaking that all other studios have tried (and mostly failed) to emulate?

Now THAT deserves some form of recognition beyond billions of dollars and having your name credited into Hollywood legend.

Enter the Producer’s Guild of America who wish to bestow Feige with the David O. Selznick Achievement Award for achievement in film production.

Feige will receive this award in 2019.

No word if this is the secret to Thanos’s downfall in the currently untitled AVENGERS 4 or if it will be able to Rehire James Gunn.

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