Errorzone Album Review

In terms of artistic criticism, the phrase “nails on a chalkboard” is considered to be a negative descriptor in almost any circumstance for the fairly obvious reason in that it’s nails on a god damn chalkboard, but if there ever was a band that has perfected the sound of “nails on a chalkboard” to a literal art form, then up and coming Massachusetts hardcore band VEIN has done so in their 28 minute debut album Errorzone which is an LP filled with a consortium of what my mother would describe as “an ungodly racket” in the form of distorted guitars, scratching frets, wailing sirens, and lord knows what other garbage disposing noise that will likely get the cops called on you at 3 A.M. if you play the music just a smidgen too loud.

What I’m trying to say is that Errorzone is fucking brilliant.


Admittedly, I’m a little late to the mosh pit when it comes to listening to VEIN’s full-length debut LP (released in June),  but I felt that I really needed to do a proper review seeing as Errorzone is possibly going to be the most sonically important album of 2018 just as CODE ORANGE‘s Forever was last year.

Yes really, and I know that’s not faint praise seeing as the world and everyone’s dog in the metal community have massive astral projecting boners over CODE ORANGE and their respective 2017 blockbuster of an album, but with that having been said, VEIN has crafted a worthy rival to the modern hardcore throne and pull it off with the fervor of a cannibal eyeing the crowd buffet line at Lollapalooza

Upon listening to the first few tracks, it becomes obvious that of VEIN‘s numerous influences are come from a variety of hardcore and heavy metal backgrounds to the point that this whole album could have been a chaotic disaster akin to a birthday party at the Rainforest Cafe due to the various disparate sounds found on the LP, yet the music on Errorzone is presented by musicians talented enough to be able to add enough structure that allows the music to sound very pleasant to the ear (all things considered).

It’s quite unique to say the least, and Errorzone finds VEIN taking cues not just from current hardcore legends but also from genre busting bands from heavy metal’s storied past such as DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, SLIPKNOT, and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE.

This confluence of metalcore, hardcore, nu metal and some more even melodic elements. Errorzone is truly an experimental album in every sense of the phrase and by it’s end (which to be honest, I listen to this masterpiece on repeat), VEIN’s Errorzone delivers the goods in the form of pounding riffs, jazz tinged drums, and a combination of screaming and clean vocal hooks.

Consider this round of experimentation an absolute success.

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