Henry Cavill (MAN OF STEEL, BATMAN V SUPERMAN, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT)  is set to play monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix adaptation of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy series THE WITCHER.

Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich explained why the Superman actor and controversial mustache wielder won the part.

Per Deadline:

“He was my first meeting,” Hissrich said on Twitter of Cavill, a massive fan of Sapkowski’s series of fantasy short stories and novels about the witcher Geralt of Rivia. “I didn’t have writers or scripts yet – just a greenlight and a lot of passion. That was four months ago, and I’ve never forgotten the passion he brought. He IS Geralt. He always has been. I’m so thrilled to welcome HENRY CAVILL to the Witcher family.”

In pop culture, more people likely recognize THE WITCHER from the mega successful video game franchise of the same name: a series of which Cavill is a big fan of.

Per Gamespot:

The star gave fans the first clue that he was in line for the role in August. IGN asked him about other projects he would like to be involved in, and he expressed his love of the Witcher games. “Love that game. Really good game,” he said. Cavill was then asked specifically about playing the lead character of Geralt in Netflix’s adaptation. “Absolutely,” he said. “Yeah, that would be an amazing role.”

However, the reaction by fans of the books and games has been mixed but with a heavy dose of skepticism, and I have to agree with the skeptical outlook.

On the one hand, Henry Cavill can easily act as an authoritative and subdued dick head, but on the other hand, Geralt isn’t as built and is a bit more rough around the edges where Cavill is not.

Guess, we’ll have to wait and see.

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