Results! Results! Results!

The 2018 Chicago Cubs will be remembered as an underachieving  team. While the north siders displayed flashes of brilliance throughout the 162 (+1) game season, the cubs were rarely ever able to fire on all cylinders. Various problems such as Injuries, mediocre pitching, and a scoring drought at the end of the season were all just too much to overcome. Despite an all star lineup more than capable of winning another World Series, they just couldn’t produce a winning result when their season was on the brink.Thus the 2018 Cubs fate to be viewed historically as an underwhelming team was sealed.

Personally, I think the future historical perspective is full of shit. Yeah, I know: a World Series caliber team can only be a true success if they win that said championship, yet I believe the ending of the 2018 Chicago Cubs campaign deserves to be put in a more realistic context.

And yes context does matter here. Even though the Cubs final two heartbreaking losses were disappointing, the 2018 Cubs were incredibly competitive and entertaining as all hell. The season had some incredible highs such as David Bote’s walk off grand slam against the Nationals, Javier Baez’s potential MVP caliber season, Ian Happ’s waffle maker, preventing the dreaded St. Louis Cardinals from being in the playoffs, Anthony Rizzo’s giddy grin as he was called to pitch, one of the greatest wild card games in baseball history, and how the Cubs still managed to win 90 some games.

The 2018 Chicago Cubs were just too enjoyable to watch for the season to considered a bust. This is especially true given that this was probably Joe Maddon’s greatest season as manager. Nevermind the previous three seasons where he had more wins under his belt: The injuries to Kris Bryant, Pedro Strop, Yu Darvish, Jason Heyward, Kyle Schwarber, and many others would have prevented most teams from even being competitive let alone securing a Wild Card spot in the playoffs, Maddon still won enough games to keep the Cubs in the conversation. Nevermind ‘El Mago”, Maddon was the true magician of this Cubs team that gave us the gift of a post-season game we probably did not deserve.

In terms of entertaining baseball, consider the 2018 Chicago Cubs an absolute success.

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