Working for ‘the man’ isn’t ideal for me. Over the years, I’ve worked for numerous retail outlets, car dealerships, and call centers for minimal financial and professional gains in return. I endured this tortuous labor out of necessity. As a transgender woman with various mental health disabilities, I needed every last penny for health insurance and medical bills in order to survive even if it meant surrendering my freedom to do so.

Slaving for physical mortality has a price: my soul was dying. I’m a creative type: I love writing articles regarding pop-culture and editing humorous yet informative videos about movies, video games, heavy metal, and social issues like LGBTQ equality. That’s my passion and my dream career.

Writing a popular column for Escapist Magazine provided this occupational clarity. Since joining the website, I wrote personal essays about my tumultuous past and how art intersected with those turbulent life events. These articles acted as professional therapeutic journal for me, and I loved it.

However, I’m hungry for more. In addition to my current writing duties, I want to stretch my creative wings in an independent manner. Hence my new Biological Riley Patreon page.

The Biological Riley Patreon will allow me to create more content that is simultaneously high quality and honest. For the short term, my aim is to create a minimum of 2-3 weekly YouTube videos with coinciding written essays on this website. The topics range from movie reviews, video game impressions, artistic interpretations of pop-culture, music recommendations, and examining contentious social issues. The videos will be at least four minutes in length, but there will long form video essays scattered in with the shorter ones.

Supporting the Biological Riley Patreon in the long term will allow me to increase video and article output, afford better equipment to improve my business, and hire other folks and give them a fair share of the revenue they can live-on.

Until then, I’ll be hard at work building up this solo enterprise. I don’t know where this venture will take us, but I’m thrilled for what the future may have in store.

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Riley Constantine

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