Rock and roll lives on through black metal. Against all odds, the fusion of black metal screams, shrieking guitar solos, and dirty production value is a terrific combination. While some bands tend to dabble in one side over another (Kvelertak has more rock melodies than other black metal and rock fusions), the resulting abrasive yet catchy extreme metal fittingly named black ’n’ roll remains the same.

Midnight exemplifies a heavier rendition of black ’n’ roll. In the band’s new album Rebirth By Blasphemy, the Cleveland, Ohio based act lead by Athenar (that’s all he goes by) are a force to be reckoned with. Through ten tracks lasting 34 minutes combined, Rebirth By Blasphemy is an explosive sonic assault from start to finish. Songs like the opener “F***ing Speed Of Darkness” and “Escape The Grave” explode into a blisteringly quick hardcore punk style that is complemented by near unintelligable extreme metal screams. It’s simply wondrous.

Rebirth By Blasphemy additionally has more to offer than just speed metal. Some songs like the title track,  “Rising Scum”, and “Cursed Possessions” are groovy rather than ferocious. While these tracks are still quick, they have a bit more rhythm, allowing the songs to stand out from others. These “slower” (comparatively speaking) tracks are the highlight of the album. The songs contain more technical guitar work layered atop the foundational elements created by Athenar’s bass, drums, and vocals. The fret work, surprisingly, is the star here.

Overall, Midnight’s Rebirth By Blasphemy is a very enjoyable extreme metal record experience. All the musical components, especially the guitar work, are on point here, and at the end, isn’t that all you could ever want from a metal record?

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