Bernie Sanders just proved that he’s the most electable democrat. Just two nights ago, he won the Nevada Democratic Caucus in a landslide, earning 46.0 percent of the vote and left Joe Biden (19.6 percent), Pete Buttigieg (15.3 percent), Elizabeth Warren (10.1 percent), and Amy Klobuchar (4.8 percent) fighting for second place in the rear view mirror. The contest, if it could be called that,  wasn’t even close, and after Sander’s tie in Iowa and primary victory in New Hampshire, the Vermont Senator has consistently enjoyed enthusiastic support from various and diverse groups of different racial, ethnic, and political backgrounds that make up the vast democratic electorate. Out of all the potential democratic nominees, Sanders is easily the one most capable of beating Trump.

The reasons behind Sanders’ electability stem from his approach. Unlike moderate candidates like Biden and Buttigieg, Sanders understands that America’s problems run far deeper than the evils inherent to Trumpism. While Trump and his corrupt Republican cronies have done severe damage to our democracy, Sanders’ campaign is about more than just depriving Trump from power. For too long, America’s capitalistic avarice has left people of all backgrounds behind. Sanders’ platform includes: combatting the vile for-profit American healthcare system, canceling the overwhelming amount of debt from student loans, and fighting climate change and those making bank off the slow-death of our planet. Unless you’re profiting off the suffering of others or a corporate shill, these values are universal no matter your race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or gender identity; thus why he is the most electable.

The self-avowed democratic socialist (and I view this label as a compliment) additionally preaches social justice to the left’s diverse intersectional electorate. If President, Sanders would reinstate and expand DACA and place a moratorium on deportations; he would enthusiastically enhance LGBTQ rights by signing bills like the Equality Act and the Every Child Deserves A Family Act; he vowed to desegregate schools and end the profit-motive of charter schools; he’d ban for-profit prisons and detention centers; he opposes the potential overturning and current undermining of Roe V Wade. His commitment to social justice makes him electable.

Sanders knows that the democratic nomination is his to lose. In fact, he touted his electability in a victory speech after winning the Nevada Democratic Caucus:

“In Nevada, we have just put together a multigenerational, multiracial coalition, which is going to, not only win in Nevada, it’s going to sweep this country…

“We are going to win across the country because the American people are sick and tired of a president who lies all of the time. They are sick and tired of a corrupt administration. They are sick and tired of a president who is undermining American democracy. Who thinks he is above the law. And who, apparently, has never read the Constitution in this country. The American people are sick and tired of a government which is based on greed, corruption, and lies. They want an administration which is based on the principles of justice. Economic justice. Social justice. Racial justice. And environmental justice.”

“Now, Trump and his friends think they are going to win this election. They think they’re going to win this election by dividing our people up based on the color of their skin or where they were born or their religion or their sexual orientation. We are going to win because we are doing exactly the opposite. We’re bringing our people together! We are bringing our people together. Black and white and Latino. Native American, asian-American. Gay and straight. We are bringing our people together around an agenda that works for the working people of this country, not the one percent.”

While Sanders’ statement reads like the usual type of post caucus/primary political stumping, the Nevada results and national polls back his statements up. Sanders won 54 percent of the hispanic vote (the next closest was Joe Biden with 14 percent) in Nevada; for African-American Nevadans, Sanders only trailed Biden by 6 percent, finishing 28 percent to Biden’s 34 percent, and  nationally, Sanders  has closed the gap with Biden on African American voters, merely trailing 29 percent to 31 percent; white Nevadans flocked to Sanders as he scored 30 percent of their vote (the next closest was Buttigieg with 19 percent). Sanders’ support from diverse corners of the democratic electorate bodes well for him in high population states like California and Texas. In this regard, Bernie Sanders is the most electable democratic candidate.

Sanders’ moderate opponents, of course(!), questioned his electability. Most notably Buttigieg, Sanders’ closest competitor. In Buttigieg’s post Nevada Caucus speech (reported by CNN), the South Bend, Indiana mayor slammed Sanders for being divisive. “I believe the best way to defeat Donald Trump and deliver for the American people is to broaden and galvanize the majority that supports us on the critical issues,” said Buttigieg. “Sen. Sanders believes in an inflexible ideological revolution that leaves out most Democrats, not to mention most Americans.”

Buttigieg, however, undermined his own argument against Sanders. As pointed out earlier, Sanders is actively broadening and galvanizing the democratic electorate and winning by a clear majority of voters. Many democratic constituents don’t feel seen by status quo democrats, and the combined results of Nevada, New Hampshire, and Iowa make clear that centrist democrats are the ones out of touch with a majority of  leftist voters, not Sanders. If anything, moderate out of touch democrats like Biden and Buttigieg are being divisive in their reticence to acknowledge Sanders’ appeal to a clear majority of the electorate they’re trying to court. By winning over and over again, Sanders has proven his viability as a democratic candidate because if he wasn’t electable, he wouldn’t keep winning in such a decisive manner.

It’s time for Democratic moderates to face the music. There is a clear electable democratic front-runner, and his name is Bernie Sanders.

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