The Resident Evil 2 Remake inspired terror inspired terror with the hall stalking Mr. X, and Nemesis appears to make the same horrifying impact in Resident Evil 3 Remake. However, some of that liquid fear inducing anxiety over the beloved zombie horror remake may be over blown. Earlier today, the Official Xbox Magazine (reported via GamesRadar) penned an article that described how the super zombie dubbed Nemesis broke into a safe room during their hands on experience with the game, making those places rather unsafe.

This blurb regarding how Nemesis breaks down the door to a game saving safe room appears to have been misconstrued. According to Capcom (and reported by GamesRadar), Nemesis can’t break into safe rooms, but here’s the thing: not all save points are safe rooms, meaning that Nemesis can still wreak havoc on our psyche’s when we’re trying to save a game. The traditional Resident Evil music will clue players in on whether the save room is a safe room or not.

With that said, I’m still an anxious mess. Resident Evil 3 Remake releases on April 3, 2020.

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