Onward reigned supreme in the box office this weekend, but Disney executives likely aren’t celebrating or uncorking a flagon of mead. The new Pixar family fantasy movie had a number 1 opening weekend yet only made a small sum. The film had a $40 million domestic box office haul and earned $28 million internationally for a cumulative total of $68 million. Domestically, The Invisible Man finished in second place with $15 million, and The Way Back finished third with $8.5 million.

Onward‘s opening isn’t very impressive. In fact, especially when considering that prior Pixar movies like Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2 cleared the $100 million opening weekend hurdle with ease. This is unfortunate because Onward is pretty good (expect a review this week). Hopefully with positive word of mouth and Spring Break on the horizon, Onward can find its audience

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