Former Nintendo Of America President Reggie Fils-Aime is getting back in the management game with GameStop. According to a Gamestop press release, Fils-Aime is joining the video game retail chain’s Board Of Directors in order to revive the flailing company whose stocks are being traded at a mere $4.07 a piece: a far cry from the $40 to $50 they once were.

Following the hiring announcement, Fils-Aime Tweeted:

This is a good move by GameStop. Beloved by Nintendo fans, Fils-Aime oversaw successful console launches of the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo Switch before stepping down as President of Nintendo Of America last year. He loves video games, and out of all the current or former video game executives, Fils-Aime is easily the best one to rally behind.

The hiring, however, may be too little too late. Specialty physical retailers are declining the same way that Blockbuster and Hollywood Video did a decade ago. While GameStop and other video game retailers hold cultural significance (even if they are problematic), online storefronts are the future, and retail chains like GameStop are becoming irrelevant.

Here’s to hoping that Fils-Aime can help keep GameStop’s sinking ship afloat.

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