The news of a HBO The Last Of Us TV series has inspired excitement,  but one mystery remained: why a TV show rather than a movie? We now, however, have an answer. In a Scriptnotes Podcast (reported by IGN), The Last Of Us‘ co-writer Craig Mazin described how a TV series made more sense than a film.

Per the Scriptnotes Podcast (via IGN): “It was going to be a movie for a long time. Neil was working on it as a movie for one of Sony’s divisions, and my feeling was that you can’t make a movie out of this thing, it has to be a show, it needs length,” Mazin said.

“It is about the development of a relationship over the course of a long journey, so it has to be to be a television show and that’s that. That’s the way I see it. Happily, Neil agreed and HBO was delighted, and so here we are.”

Mazin additionally revealed that the TV series wouldn’t officially begin production until after The Last Of US Part 2 releases.

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