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Pennywise Is Trauma Personified

IT upends horror movie norms.

Conventional wisdom dictates that good horror movies aren’t supposed to show their respective monsters. For example: Jaws rarely shows the shark, The Babadook obscures the Babadook, and the witch barely appears in The Witch, and on the surface, this idea that audience should seldom get a good glimpse of the monster is quite understandable because after all, what could possibly be more frightening than a lurking terror that can’t be seen?

While this notion of adhering to a well established golden rule is admirable (and budget conscious) and a good rule of thumb for new and independent filmmakers, it must be said the actual beings that go bump in the night are themselves visually just as frightening as their phantom counterparts.

I mean, if a grizzly bear approached me, I would be shitting breakfast tacos because grizzly bears are terrifying, and the same can absolutely be said about Pennywise who is cannibalistic shape-shifting murder clown.

He’s fucking scary. Deal with it.

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