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The Lesson Fandom Needs To Learn From The Joss Whedon Fiasco? Don’t Get Too Attached

We should know better by now.

We’ve been conditioned to idolize celebrities from a young age. As impressionable youngins, we gazed up at glamorous movie stars, sexy musicians, and ripped athletes and aspired to be as successful as them when we would inevitably grew up. Of course, we rarely actually attain this level of success once reaching adulthood because, let’s be perfectly honest here, we’re all a bunch of average schmoes prone to fucking up every now and then.  

Shit happens.

We instead make up for our many shortcomings by feasting on a daily diet of watching movies, listening to music, reading Hollywood gossip columns, and devouring entertainment news to the point we feel an emotional connection to our favorite celebrities and are absolutely enamored by how they seemingly glisten with perfection.

This is a romanticization of the Hollywood lifestyle at best. All too often, we continually fail to admit our heroes and idols are just regular assholes like you, me, and Seth Rogen, and it shouldn’t come as a major shock when a famous hollywood figure commits a scandalous act that reveals how much of a colossal douche bag they are.

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