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BROWN UNIVERSITY Pulls Criticized Bunk Study On Nonexistent ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria’. Conservative Extremists And Propagandists Whine About Supposed ‘Censorship’

  Here’s something that has been made out of nothing: Scientific studies are supposed to be impartial, and let the facts and findings speak for themselves. Unfortunately, scientists can either carelessly or maliciously create bias in a scientific study which then makes the said study null and void of any value. Take for instance, a recent study about Rapid Onset […]

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GONE WITH THE WIND Being Pulled From Memphis Movie Theater Is Not Censorship

Censorship has been a hot topic in the American consciousness as of late. Divisive debates over free speech and the removal of Confederate monuments have blown open yet another chapter into America’s ongoing culture wars where liberals and conservatives are pitted against each other on a whole slew of controversial subjects ranging from race relations, LGBT issues, women’s reproductive rights, […]