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Music Opinions

Defending ‘Gore’ By Deftones

Most long running big name bands have some polarizing albums in their discography. While fans can easily divvy up a popular band’s musical catalogue into what they like and dislike, […]

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Katatonia – City Burials | Album Review

I’ve never listened to Katatonia before, but I didn’t let that stop me from seeking out their newly released 11th album City Burials. The gothic Swedish band currently consisting of […]

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Understanding Cloud’s Internal Strife

Obsessive compulsive disorder is the ruination of joy. While Google’s definition of this mental health condition is simply described as “excessive thoughts (obsessions) that lead to repetitive behaviors (compulsions)”, this […]

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake | Video Game Review

Final Fantasy 7 Remake juggles more emotions than a depressed clown. In an early scene, the game establishes itself as a silly fantasy story with deep emotional depth that’s simultaneously […]

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Trivium – What The Dead Men Say | Album Review

Trivium have never sounded better. On the Orlando, Florida metalcore act’s newly released 9th album What The Dead Men Say, the band consisting of vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy, guitarist […]

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Let’s Discuss Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Cross-Dressing Sequence

Video games are a great avenue to explore your gender identity. For many transgender people like myself, games allowing the player to role play as the opposite sex can be […]

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Video Game Impressions

Animal Crossing: New Horizons tries to shield mundanity with cuteness. The new Nintendo Switch title attempts to obfuscate dreary home management gameplay by prominently presenting adorable emotive talking animals and […]