Anvil – Pounding The Pavement (Album Review)

Review of 80s thrash metal band Anvil’s 17th album Pounding the Pavement.

Sources: Tracks highlighted: Bitch In the Box, Doing What I Want, Nanook Of The North, Rock That Shit

Metal On Metal (Album): Mothra

Footage used from: Nanook of the North, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Mothra vs Godzilla

Silence Of The Lambs – Classic Movie Review

This is my review of the classic horror and psychological thriller Silence of the Lambs. Despite its transphobic elements dealing with Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine), Jonathon Demme’s academy award for best picture winning film is legitimately great. Jody Foster as young FBI recruit Clarice Starling and Anthony Hopkins as phsycopathic ex psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer/inmate Hannibal Lecter are electric. Watch the review just to see how this film holds up.

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